San Diego YPG International Planning Subcommittee

The International Subcommittee contributes to the education, outreach, and advocacy of societal issues throughout the world through an engaging and collaborative approach to the international planning profession.  Through our various programs and outreach, we introduce planners of the San Diego region to a wide variety of best planning practices, innovative and established planning techniques, or unique ideas that actually work from across the globe.  

Our Objectives
• To share knowledge, and learn from experiences of other planners throughout the world;

• To enhance the knowledge of the local planning community about the importance and support for international collaboration; and

• To promote and provide international advocacy for planning.

Our Goals
• Develop and share amongst local planners a knowledge base of global planning;

• Promote human equity and empowerment in planning; and

• Engage new partners committed to achieve the objectives of the Subcommittee

If you are interested in getting involved with the San Diego YPG International Planning Subcommittee, please contact International Planning Subcommittee lead: Kimberly Bush.